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Carpet & Rug Cleaning in Santa Fe, New Mexico

Carpet is the biggest investment and focus of your home and it bears the biggest usage (wear and tear). Carpet/rugs affect the overall appearance of your home or office. How often you clean the tops of your furniture, which in reality are hardly used. That same or more particulate soil fall on your carpet/rugs on top of daily usage (walked upon) and other spills and pet mess including their hair and dander. Carpet acts as a giant filter for your home. The regular maintenance of the carpet makes good sense isn’t it? Carpet is not the source of allergen but if not maintained (vacuumed and cleaned) regularly it becomes the source.
Wood Floor and Area Rug, Carpet Cleaning in Santa Fe, NM

Which is unfortunate off course?
Besides our 10 steps World Class Service, protocol. We do the following procedures to best, maintain carpet/rug cleaning needs.
Exclusive Cleaning Process;
1.    Inspection and determine the best cleaning procedure
2.    Thorough Vacuum and Manipulate furniture(between the each process)
3.    Pre-spray based on soil level and yarn composition
4.    Scrub agitation (badly soiled area only)
5.    Hot water rinse extraction with specialty rising agent that simply rejuvenates carpet
6.    Vacuum the corners between wall and carpet for any unattached lint and debris
7.    Final walk through to inspect for any spot or stains and tackle the particular visible spots and stains
8.    Application of carpet protector if client desires
9.    Groom the carpet for better appearance and drying
10.    Final clean up to preserve the sanctity of the home.
Our Truck Mounted Machine and vacuums are Certified by CRI (Carpet and Rug Institute) and checked for top working condition. Secrete of successful carpet and rug cleaning lies with the operator or the cleaning machine, as writing a good poem lies in the writer itself. We use most advanced cleaning systems and safest cleaning solutions in the industry. Our technicians have experience and certification from IICRC and are cautious and dedicated in performing their duty. Respect you and the sanctity of your home. With our restorative cleaning method if the is any hidden issues deep in the carpet you will see it. We totally guarantee our workmanship; if the issue is not a cleaning flaw then we redo the area in question free. Everest Restoration & Cleaning competes for the best cleaner in the nation but does not complete for the cheapest in town.
Q. When do I clean our carpet/rugs?
A. Before it looks, it needs cleaning.
Following is the EPA Recommendation for Cleaning and maintenance of your carpet. Also, check www.cri.com for more information.
Commercial Carpet Cleaning:
Impressions of the office changes the people’s trust, and buying mood as soon as they enter your business. The focus is your carpet and other floor surfaces. If first thing, that your clientele sees is your carpet that looks dingy, dirty, and smelly then they may loose interest in buying your product. Our courteous professional service technician’s will help you in customizing a maintenance program that will not only get your carpets clean, but also maintain that appearance for the life of your carpet. Substantial discounts apply for empty homes, regular cleaning, and volume commercial cleaning. Please contact Everest Restoration & Cleaning: at 473-0406
Wool Rug Cleaning:
I have cleaned Tibetan rugs in snow and river in Bhutan and India. Likewise, we have been cleaning all kinds of wool rugs like Oriental, Navajo, Persian, Indo-Persian, Dories, and Kilims in Santa Fe, New Mexico for the last 14 years or so. We use agitating and non-agitating vacuums including shaking and hand beating to loosen and removal of dirt. We do immersion cleaning of rugs to regular machine cleaning for best results. Of course, cleaning both sides of the rug is the best way of cleaning and the rugs should be cleaned both side. However, we could escape cleaning both sides for thick pile rugs like Oriental and Persian type of rugs for light cleaning. Nevertheless, all thin flat rugs like all Dories and Kilim type rugs even if it is not reversible must be cleaned both side. No mater whether we clean one side or two sides we always eliminate the dirt by various methods as mention above. All rugs are tested for color stability and match cleaning solutions with the rug for compatibility. We do not dry clean unless your rug responds only to dry cleaning only. We use only environmentally safe products. Per odor and stain, removal is carried out with professional dexterity. If you have pets or kids, we recommend cleanings once in 6 months otherwise once a year.
Upholstered furniture:
According to Tom Slattery of Bridgepoint Systems “Upholstery, unlike carpet has thousands of combinations of fibers, colors and types of construction that bring unique challenges to the professional cleaner…more expensive the fabric, the more likely you are to problematic cleaning issues and the more care you need to exercise”. Our many years of experience and training from the best in the industry made sure that we learnt what fabric or its blends might be problematic and we surely know “how to protect the customer’s investment while cleaning the most expensive furniture”. We made ourselves trained in identifying/testing what is natural, man made, or their blends and their construction deal with cleaning issues. We use the best cleanings, pet odor and stain removal products so that your investment is preserved and protected to last a generation.      
Tile Grout and masonry cleaning and sealing:
Labels on Common house cleaners may claim a lot but you might be damaging your tile, if you are using an ordinary household cleaner on your beautiful granite, marble, other natural stone or other man made tile surfaces. Even though they are incredibly durable, natural stone requires proper care to maintain its inherent beauty. After proper cleaning a penetrating sealers must be applied to block off liquid spills like oils keeping them on the surface where it can be easily removed. Common household cleaners, could be harmful to your beautiful and expensive tiles as may contain chemicals that break down the sealer, making the stone more susceptible to staining and reducing its luster and durability. In addition, many toiletries, like perfume and toothpaste, also contain ingredients that damage stone or degrade the sealer. Specialized tools, cleaners, and sealers with professional know how to preserve your tiles, grout, and keep them looking fresh in the years to come.

•  Our vacuuming system removes the particulate dirt and debris struck between the grouts.
•  Use neutral cleansing materials especially formulated for thoroughly cleaning particular tiles and grout joints.
•  High Pressure and thoroughly rinse extraction will make sure that no cleaning materials remain and imbedded soil removed.
•  Proper penetrating sealers will then be applied
•  We will make sure your floor is clean and dry.

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